Available Scholarships

Post Graduate Scholarships - Apply March 31st thru July 1st

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El Dorado High School Scholarships, El Dorado, AR

Agape House Children’s Home Scholarship Fund

Keith Andrews Electrical Apprenticeship Fund

Elizabeth Wilson Barry & Seth Wilson Barry Soccer Scholarship

Jack L. Barry III Memorial Scholarship

Cole Logan Bechtelheimer Memorial Scholarship

Coach Joe T. Black Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ryan Eugene Burns Memorial Golf Fund (In development)

John W. & Maurice Davis Scholarship - Forestry at UA Monticello

James B. & Stanley B. Ellison Scholarship for African Americans

George “Scooter” Finch & R.V. Henley Memorial Scholarship

Judy Frazier, Memorial Scholarship for Historically Black Colleges

Dr. Hilery E. Hanna Kiwanis Scholarship

Dr. Carl F. Hartmann Engineering Scholarship (EHS and Union County)

El Dorado Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Proctor Hill Memorial Scholarship - University of the South, Sewanee, TN

Miles C. Hogan Memorial Scholarship

Dr. William H. “Bill” Landers Memorial Scholarship

Lois M. Meekins Scholarship Fund for African Americans

Ruth Nodini Career & Technical Education Scholarship

Anthony Joseph Olivier Science Scholarship

Peacemakers Support Group of Union County, AR (In development)

Mark W. Pinckard Renaissance Scholarship

John G. and Jesse G. Ralston Wildcat Scholarship Fund

Jack Q. Ridinger Memorial Scholarship

Hazel C. & Lester C. Ross Scholarship for African Americans

William Thomas Lyell Rumph Memorial Scholarship

Mary Carol Sheppard Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Ella L. Sims Scholarship for African Americans

Sandra J. Sinclair Memorial Golf Scholarship

Kelly Elizabeth Thomas Memorial Scholarship for Campfire Girls

Dr. Hartford Harding Watson Memorial Scholarship

Maryan Whitlow Teacher's Scholarship Fund

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2. Each scholarship has its

    own criteria and application

    requirements, so make sure

    you carefully read the

    information. After making

    certain you are eligible for a

    particular scholarship, write

    down the name(s) of the



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    or call 870.862.8223. 

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If you need assistance, contact Deanie Connor, Scholarship Coordinator, at scholarships@uccfar.org, or 870.862.8223