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Union County Community Foundation El Dorado, Arkansas
Union County Community Foundation El Dorado, Arkansas
Union County Community Foundation El Dorado, Arkansas
Union County Community Foundation El Dorado, Arkansas

Who we are

UCCF is a public charity that accepts and invests funds and assets from individuals and companies to help them achieve their charitable and philanthropic objectives for the long-term benefit of our community, state and region. In simpler language, UCCF is the vehicle that links donors with nonprofit organizations - whether educational, cultural or religious - that they care about the most.


We offer donors a sort of “charitable umbrella” whereby dozens of philanthropic funds are established with our Foundation for specific purposes: one fund may be a memorial scholarship that awards tuition to a deserving student, and those funds serve both to help the students and perpetuate the memory of the loved one for whom the fund was named; another fund may be created to provide annual grants to a non-profit agency that supports at-risk children, or a fund may be established to provide financial support to a particular church or university. 


UCCF is a collection of charitable funds, and every fund established with us has a story behind it, a story of giving by donors who wanted to help make our part of the world better through their generosity.


Because UCCF funds are permanently endowed, they are designed to exist in perpetuity. And, other than the donation our donors give to establish their charitable Fund, there is no fee to create a fund with UCCF.

In addition to accepting gifts from donors to establish permanent charitable funds, UCCF also makes grants to the nonprofit community from the Union County Public Trust Fund (UCPT) to address emerging or changing needs in Union County.


  • To provide for the donor a charitable vehicle that accepts, invests and distributes resources according to the donors’ wishes.

  • To serve as a grant maker to nonprofit organizations and institutions for education, arts, health, social services, economic development and civic affairs.

  • To serve the community-at-large as a convener of individuals and organizations for the purpose of developing and implementing plans to solve community problems and shape community dreams.

  • To encourage philanthropy and charitable giving by developing a permanent unrestricted endowment to meet Union County’s emerging charitable needs: THE UNION COUNTY PUBLIC TRUST.

Our Mission

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