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Union County Community Foundation El Dorado, Arkansas
Union County Community Foundation El Dorado, Arkansas
Union County Community Foundation El Dorado, Arkansas
Union County Community Foundation El Dorado, Arkansas

How Donors Benefit

Donors who connect to the community through UCCF have differing and specific reasons for giving. As a community foundation, we offer a wide range of benefits. More than just a charity, the Foundation is a vehicle for charitable giving. By channeling gifts and bequests through us, donors can continue to support their favorite charitable or philanthropic organizations – or provide educational opportunities to local students – and reap important benefits while doing so. These benefits include:

  • Perpetual gifts: Donors’ endowed gifts will benefit the community in perpetuity

  • Freedom of Choice: Donors choose how their gift will be used, or entrust the decision to the Foundation. Donors may direct their gifts for either short-term or long-term charitable giving; a gift may be passed through a fund and recommended for immediate distribution, or a gift may be directed to the fund’s principal for endowment.

  • Attentiveness to changing opportunities: The Foundation’s Board of Directors stays current with changing opportunities in Union County, ensuring that donor wishes are fulfilled now and in the future.

  • Maximum Tax Benefits: Gifts or bequests will qualify for maximum deductibility, for tax purposes.

  • Achievement of multiple charitable goals through a single donation: the Foundation can make individual distributions from the donor’s one gift, thereby eliminating the need to collect multiple receipts.

  • Professional Staff: Donors may rely on the professionalism of the Foundation’s staff to assist them in making important decisions about establishing a fund and identifying philanthropic opportunities.

  • Professional Investment Management: Funds are professionally managed and monitored by the Foundation’s Investment Committee, with final approval by the full Board of Directors. Donors who establish funds with UCCF receive quarterly reports on the fund’s investment growth, contributions to the fund and distributions from the fund.

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