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Professional Advisors

It’s been our experience at UCCF that working with professional advisors benefits all three parties: donor, advisor, and foundation. The advisor (CPA, attorney, trust fund officer, etc.) has the relationship with and understands the client’s goals, while the community foundation has the expertise and tools to allow donors to achieve their charitable objectives. We accomplish this at no cost to the client as there is no fee to establish a charitable fund at UCCF.


In keeping with our desire to maintain meaningful relationships with professional advisors in our community, we hold an annual professional advisors seminar each October to provide CPE and CLE credits.

“One way that UCCF has proved to be a great benefit is that if a client of mine needs (for tax purposes) to make a large charitable donation in one particular tax year, but also needs time to think about dollar amounts and the individual organizations the client wants to support, he or she can accomplish both by creating a charitable fund with UCCF.  The client can receive the immediate tax benefit for the year, but can use the money in the fund to make charitable gifts in the future.”


Joe Hickey

Attorney at Law

“I've worked with UCCF to help clients who have no children or heirs with their estate planning.   They had specific charitable objectives regarding their wills , such as supporting their church, their favorite nonprofit, and creating a scholarship in their deceased spouse’s name, and we were able to work out all the details regarding their wishes during their lifetime by creating the fund document.  It gave them peace of mind knowing that upon their death the fund would receive their gift and exist in perpetuity to carry out their charitable wishes.”


Nate Evers

Certified Public Accountant

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